Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Montessori Method Mean?

The Montessori method is a teaching approach that encourages the independence and creativity of students in a nurturing and supportive environment. Created by Maria Montessori, it is based on the idea that children have intrinsic motivation to learn and explore their surroundings, and that our role as educators is to provide the appropriate environment to facilitate this process. The Montessori method focuses on hands-on learning with a variety of sensorial materials, and encourages student participation in daily classroom activities ranging from cleaning to cooking and playing musical instruments. It also emphasizes collaborative learning and respect for diverse abilities and learning styles.

How do you teach multi-age classes?

The key to teaching multi-age classes is to differentiate instruction so that each student is challenged appropriately based on their individual needs and abilities. For example, a Montessori teacher might teach a lesson on math concepts to a multi-age class. The younger students might work with manipulables like beads and blocks, while the older students might use abacuses and work with more complex problem-solving techniques. The teacher might also provide additional support or guidance for students who are struggling with a concept, or might create a small group activity for students who are struggling or excelling at the material.

What curriculum does Singaraja Montessori use?

Singaraja Montessori School using K-13 Curriculum and Merdeka Curriculum.

How do you examine and evaluate students in Singaraja Montessori School ?

Regarding assessment, it is important to note that Montessori teachers do not focus on standardized tests, but rather on ongoing observation and feedback. Teachers evaluate students based on their level of independence, focus, and social skills, rather than just their academic abilities. Montessori schools often use detailed observation of student work, progress reports, and regular parent-teacher conferences to monitor student growth and provide support as needed.

Does Singaraja Montessori mix age groups?

Montessori school are known as a multi-age classes.. The Montessori classrooms  are not divided by age. In Singaraja Montessori School, we have 3 classrooms. Preschool classroom for play ground (2.5 – 4 years old ) and Kindergarten (4-6 years old). Octopus classroom for Primary students grades 1,2,3 (6-9 years old) and Rainbow classroom for primary students grades 4,5,6 (9-12 years old).  The benefit of multi-age classroom we can see children from different ages working together and socializing happily. An older child showing the younger one how to complete the activity, or a younger watching what his older classmate can accomplish with fascination.