Play Group

Age 2.5 - 4

Maximum 24 Students

In Montessori schools, play is seen as an integral part of the learning process for children, and the play group is a key tool for fostering their development. Play groups are structured environments that allow children to learn through play, exploration, and creative activities. Therefore you can say, it's not playing, but learning!


  • Facilitate group interactions
  • Develop social skills in a group setting
  • Take independent action within their learning
  • Understand their own abilities and potential
  • Form confidence to explore their own ideas and interests


  • Sound and Letter Tracing

  • Puzzle Maps

  • Role Playing

  • Practical life activities
  • And more...

Montessori Education Methods

Montessori teachers use a variety of materials and hands-on learning activities to facilitate group interactions, develop social skills, and encourage children to take independent action within their learning. Montessori play groups provide children with the opportunity to engage in self-directed activities and explore their own interests in a supportive environment. This can include various learning materials such as wood building, sensory materials, practical life activities, and more. Teachers provide guidance and support, helping children to understand their own abilities and potential and giving them the confidence to explore their own ideas and interests.

Play groups are also a great way for children to develop social skills and learn to interact with others in a group setting. Children in Montessori play groups learn to share, take turns, negotiate rules and boundaries, and generally develop important social skills that will carry them through life. They also learn to work together towards a common goal, which is an important skill for any child to develop.

Early learning in Montessori schools is based on the principles of child development and the idea that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Montessori schools offer a child-led learning environment that encourages individual exploration and growth, and teachers support children in this process by providing a rich and stimulating environment, a wide range of materials and activities, and a focus on hands-on learning, rather than didactic instruction.

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